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This page is our guide to the Epix Add-On channel package. View a list of all the channels included in this package below, and then below that see a detailed description of the package and pricing details.

Channel Number: 380
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Epix 2
Channel Number: 381
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Channel Number: 382
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EPIX Drive-In
Channel Number: 292
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Description, Pricing, and Promotional details for the Epix Add-On Channel Package

The EPIX channel package is an add-on package. A subscription to Epix unlocks thousands of Hollywood blockbuster titles live on your TV, On Demand, and online, as well as adding four these four channels: Epix, Epix 2, Epix 3, and the nostalgic Epix Drive-In, the standard definition champion of "B" Movies, Genre Films and some edgier selections. It cannot be selected as your core programming package, but can be added to core programming for just $7 per month.For a complete list of the channels in the Epix channel package, please click here.

Notes about channel line-ups: Logos are used for illustration purposes only. We make every effort to make sure our channel line-ups are accurate, but because these line-ups are subject to change without notice (which is out of our control), we cannot guarantee it. Some channels are only available in certain areas, most notably, the regional sports networks and the local affiliates. Some channels may only be available with the installation of a second satellite antenna. If you have questions, please ask us.