Flex 24 Promotion (Low Credit) by DISH Network

DISH Network's Flex 24 (low credit) promotion

Flex 24 is DISH Network's low-credit plan. If you do not qualify for the primary promotion (called DHA) then consider Flex 24. The free premiums promotion applies for the first three months and you will still receive the two year price guarantee when you select one of our most popular packages. There is a one time fee of $50 to activate a Flex 24 account, plus equipment fees starting at $25.

Below is a detailed guide to the Flex 24 Promotion

We always recommend placing an application for the primary promotion first, even if you think you will not pass. If you do not pass, then see if you qualify for Flex 24 (you probably will). The application process is simple and only take a matter of minutes.

Activation Fee: A Brief History
The activation fee for the Flex24 promotion has recently changed from $99 to $50. It had been as low as $79 but is now currently at the lowest rate in the company's history. This is a great opportunity to save even more money on DISH, especially if you have less than stellar credit.

The $50 Activation Fee
Flex 24 customers pay a one-time activation fee of $50 prior to installation, plus equipment fees starting at $25. These fees will be due when you place your order, and we offer a variety of payment options for your convenience. You may pay with credit card, debit card, prepaid card, or electronic funds transfer. Our operators are familiar with all of these payment methods and are standing by to assist you.

Order the Flex 24 promotion now and get Showtime, Starz,
and the DISH Movie Pack for the first three months.

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Standard Definition (SD) DVR receiver upgrade

The SD-DVR, usually model 625, is a multi-room digital video recorder (DVR) and is offered at the $25 equipment price point with the Flex 24 promotion. This receiver operates two rooms at the same time, each with their own remote control. Both can be watching different channels at the same time. Enjoy all the benefits of being able to record and watch recorded programming in two rooms. There is a $7 monthly fee for DVR service, but there is no additional charge to upgrade your primary receiver to the SD-DVR from the standard Wally receiver.

Flex 24 offers free equipment installation
Your order will be installed by a local professional for free, and usually within a day or two after payment is received. Sometimes next-day installation is available. Standard installation covers up to six rooms for free, although there would be additional equipment fees for additional receivers.

... receive the same guaranteed monthly rate for two years when they select one of our popular channel packages.

Lock in the same low price for 24 months with DISH's 2-year price guarantee
Just like the primary promotion, Flex 24 customers will receive the same guaranteed monthly rate for two years when they select one of our popular channel packages. The America's Top packages, and the DishLATINO packages all qualify for a monthly discount under Flex 24.

Showtime, Starz, and the DISH Movie Pack come free for the first 3 months
Just like the primary promotion our Flex 24 customers are offered 3 free months of Showtime, Starz, and the DISH Movie Pack. You can cancel these premium channel packages at any time without penalty. You will never be without a great show or movie to watch when you have these premium channels.

Upgrade your Flex 24 order with HD receivers, HD-DVRs, or additional rooms

As described on this page, the Flex 24 is offered with Standard definition equipment for two rooms at the $25 price point. You have the option to upgrade your Flex 24 account to include HD receivers, HD-DVRs, or additional receivers for more rooms of service.

Primary Receiver Upgrades
The first receiver on your account is considered your primary receiver, and is included for free if it is a standard definition receiver, or DVR receiver (Models 311 / 322, 512 / 625, respectively).

Second and Third Receiver Upgrades

A note about HD requirements in relation to the Flex 24

In some areas DISH Network will only allow accounts to be created with High Definition (HD) equipment. This is usually desirable for new customers, however a Flex 24 customer may not want to pay the additional fees associated with upgrading to an HD receiver. While DISH requiring HD equipment on a new account for a Flex 24 customer is rare, it is possible. This possibility cannot be known until one of our representatives have qualified you for service.