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When you switch to DISH you have access to the technology and the services that you want. Check it out!

Whole Home HD-DVR

Only DISH has the Hopper. The Hopper and Joey is the most advanced whole home HD-DVR receiver solution in the industry with Primetime Anytime and a 2 TB Hard Drive.

Multi-Room Dual Tuner Receivers

Save money and save space by using DISH's exclusive multi-room dual tuner receivers.

Video on Demand

DISH has thousands upon thoudsands of Video On Demand (VOD) titles that are free or paid. Use your DVR to create your own on demand library, order Epic, or the Dish Movie Pack to get thousands of high quality VODs streamed directly to your TV, use the Hopper's PrimeTime Anytime feature, or just go order a new release from DISH Cinema.

Sling Adapter

If you're going to pay for TV service every month, shoudn't you be able to watch live or recorded programming from anywhere? DISH thinks so. Use the Sling Adapter to watch live TV or your recorded DVR events from any compatible mobile device connected to the Internet.


DISH is offering feature-rich receivers: Whole Home HD and DVR, High Definition, Multi-Room Dual Tuners, and Standard Definition receivers.

Tailgater (Portable / RV Satellite TV)

The Tailergater is the lowest cost portable HDTV system in the industry. Tailgaiting, RVing, at the park, out by the pool? The Tailgater allows you to bring DISH with you in beautiful HD.

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Free Installation

With DISH offering you the most advanced equipment, you better believe that DISH wants to make sure that it is installed properly by ceritified professionals. Order DISH and we offer free standard professional installation.

$75 Cash Back Rebate (exclusive)

As a thank you to our customers, we're offering a $75 cash back rebate when you order DISH through us. Just like any promotions, simple terms and conditions apply.

Our company staffs live chat DISH professionals. Have a question? Want to place an order? Maybe you just want to pick our brain? We're happy to have you.


Some people like to realize their savings by looking at the deals in "coupon" form.

Protection Plan

DISH takes care of all their customers. That's a given when you're #1 in customer service (ACSI). But DISH also offers the protection plan which offers an increased level of service for customers who want even more peace of mind.

Flex 24 (Low Credit Plan)

DISH has deals for all walks of life. Sometimes your credit is not as good as you'd like it to be. Should that mean you cannot get the DISH service you want? No way! We have a competitive low credit plan called Flex 24.