We sell DISH for business.

Lobby with DISH TV

Getting TV for your business is not expensive, or difficult. With DISH Business we make it easy for you and affordable. There is no equipment to buy and installation is free for up to six TVs.

About our Company
The name of our company is Satellite Solutions Network, Inc. We’re a national retailer for DISH. DISH Network (DISH, for short) is a satellite TV service provider for both residential and business accounts. We’ve been in the satellite TV industry for over 12 years, have an "A" rating with the BBB, and our site is tested daily for security. We started out retailing for Directv, a competitor, and then saw potential in also selling DISH. We ultimately decided that DISH Network was a better value for our customers and have been offering that exclusively for many years now.

Why choose DISH Business?

No Equipment to Buy

DISH will lease you enough equipment to operate up to six TVs in your business for no upgrade fee. The primary receiver is included in your primary programming price, and each additional receivers has a small monthly lease fee. Currently DISH is allowing a maximum of three of your TVs to be HD.

DISH is offering installation for up to six TVs for free.

FREE Installation

We have professional installers standing by in your area ready to come by your business and perform a professional standard installation for free. Similar to the equipment offer above, DISH is offering installation for up to six TVs for free.

A la Carte Style Pricing

DISH offers as close to true a la carte style pricing as is available in the industry. Every DISH Business account has a Starter Pack (or one of our International Basic packs) and then you select the channels and/or small channel packages you want to add on to it. Don't pay for channels you don't want!