Terms for DISH Business

This page is intended to make you aware of the terms and conditions that may apply to your agreement with DISH Network LLC. This page, and your agreement to its contents via a phone, online order, or online chat, does not bind or constitute an agreement. It is strictly informational.

You are not entering into a contractual agreement with us, Satellite Solutions Network, Inc. The agreement is between you and DISH. Click here to preview the agreement as written by DISH.

  1. SSN is not responsible to uphold or acknowledge; typos, misprints, errors contained on this website, verbal mistakes, or other live mistakes that may occur occasionally by a representative, that are of an unintentional or accidental nature. Additionally, the information on this site is considered "time-sensitive". Any reproduction of this website, its information, counterparts, or any of its webpages (this includes cached information stored on 3rd party servers like Google) is strictly forbidden and will not necessarily be upheld or acknowledged by Satellite Solutions Network, Inc. (at their discretion).

  2. SSN's "Live Site" policy: Our site, www.satellitesolutions.com contains some pages that are of an archival, historical, or educational nature. SSN is not responsible to uphold or acknowledge information or promotions contained on these pages. Anything that is not part of our "Live Site" is considered "archival, historical, or educational" and cannot be honored or recognized. SSN's Live Site is defined by the direct links in the body of the Site Map page (found here) unless specifically marked otherwise, or redirected by header code. Dynamic techniques are used on this site to generate and display information at the time of use. This can be, but is not limited to, a daily or current time-stamp. The presence of this time-stamp, or any other dynamically generated content, does not transfer the status of an Archival or Historical page into a Live Page, as only the Site Map can define a Live Site page. If you have any questions at all about the availability of a certain promotion, or the validity of any information found on our site, please contact us for clarification immediately.
    1. Specific examples of when this policy may come into effect:
      1. If you discover a page on our web site via a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc ... and that page is not part of the live site. This page could contain outdated information or promotions that are no longer available. Under no circumstances will we, or are we able to honor these promotions. They are maintained on our servers for historical and educational purposes only. The pages being delivered via the methods described above do not authenticate the information on the pages.
      2. You have visited our site and saved a copy of the files to your computer. If the page is not 100% identical to the page on the live site when you express interest in the content it will not be honored.
      3. The Live Site always supersedes any archival, historical, or education data maintained on our server(s).

This webpage / authorization document is not intended to represent the entire agreement between you and DISH Network, or transmit in its entirety the pre-qualification requirements (governed by DISH) for the promotions on this website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a Satellite Solutions Network, Inc. representative.