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Customer Reviews

See what some of our customers are saying about their DISH service, and their experience with our phone, chat, and shopping cart operators.

The chat woman did an outstanding job!!
~ Douglas
Mesa, AZ
. About our DISH TV services.
Marcie was nice and kind! Very informative and helpful.
~ Cody
Pahrump, NV
. About our DISH TV services.
I only watch Locals and Cnn. Am going to switch to direct if you cant lower my bill.
~ Suzanne C.
Sun City, CA
. About our DISH TV services.
I am currently a Dish customer and I want to watch the last Episode of Oak Island. It wants me to sign in with my dish ID and password. How do I get such a thing. mdfribble25@gmail.com
~ Maurice D.
Two Rivers, WI
. About our DISH TV services.
Average: 4.1 / 5 stars, from 2090 total reviews about our DISH TV services. Showing 4 reviews on this page.

We offer new customer promotions for DISH Network's satellite TV service

DISH Network TV Systems

When you sign up for DISH Network there is no equipment to buy. It is professionally installed, for free, and installation is often available next-day (within 24 hours).

About our Company
The name of our company is DISH Installation, Inc. We’re a national retailer for DISH Network. DISH Network (DISH, for short) is a satellite TV service provider. We’ve been in the satellite TV industry for over 17 years, have an "A" rating with the BBB, and our site is tested daily for security. We began by retailing for Directv, a competitor, and then saw the potential in also selling DISH. We ultimately decided that DISH Network was a better value for our customers and have been offering that exclusively for many years now.

We have a lot to offer you.

As a retailer we take new customer orders for DISH Network. You'll be offered all of DISH's current promotions plus our exclusive retailer sign-up bonus, which is currently a free $100 gift card. A new customer needs a small satellite dish, at least one receiver, and a remote control for each TV. DISH charges a monthly fee for its service and therefore offers all of the standard equipment needed to use their service for free. We handle everything for the customer. This includes scheduling the installation, which is also free.

If you order DISH Network today our sign-on bonus is
a $100 cash back rebate. Plus get all of DISH's deals.

1-800-970-9509 Offer ends soon

Why choose DISH Network? Price, Channels, and Technology.

Essentially we offer the same channels you love to watch now at a lower price than what you’ll pay with Directv or Cable. Our lowest-priced HD package is called the America's Top 120. It is on sale for $34.99 per month. It includes 190+ of the most watched channels in America. Our highest-priced package is called the America’s Everything Pack, and just like the name suggests, it has just about every channel we have to offer, including the commercial-free channels like HBO. The regular every-day price for this package is $134.99, but it's on sale for $99.99 for the first year.

DISH's technology is unrivaled. The Hopper and Joey with Sling is a true Whole-Home HD-DVR receiver solution. DISH Anywhere is included for free: watch live or recorded TV on your mobile phone, computer, or tablet. With the DISH Movie Pack you have unlimited access to thousands of Video on Demand titles, and 15+ premium HD channels. Plus we have the expected technology: High Definition (Free for Life) receivers, and multi-room HD-DVR's.

DISH Network is, and has always been 100% digital picture and sound.
Learn the basics about DISH Network and our Website

This website, www.satellitesolutions.com/dishnetwork/, has everything you need to learn about and order DISH Network. Our representatives can be reached by phone, or via a live chat. You can also place your order online.

DISH Network has always been a 100% digital service. So when the digital transition came around DISH Network customers did not have to do anything. They were already fully digital. The term digital is not the same as HD (High Definition). DISH carries the best variety and equipment for HD programming, but it is not the same thing as digital. If you're slightly unsure of the difference between digital and HD, click here to of our reps, or click here to read an article on the difference between digital and HD.

Our site serves a variety of audiences. We offer a variety of Spanish Language channels and packages called DishLATINO. We assist customers in getting DISH Satellite TV for their RV. And we have a massive catalog of International channels and packages.

Common questions about DISH Network and our service

If you have questions, the fastest and easiest way to get answers is to call us toll free 1-800-970-9509, or . We have a robust FAQ page here, but a quick perusal of the questions below should answer some of the most commonly asked questions.