What happens after the DISH promotion ends?

A guide to your post-promotion service with DISH.
DISH Perks

"What happens after the promotion ends?" is probably the most frequently asked question we receive from potential customers. It's also one of our favorite ones to answer.

Most of you want two things: (1) A great deal for signing up with DISH, and (2) a clear understanding of what the service is like after the promotion ends. The purpose of this guide is to describe what to expect after the promotion ends so there are no surprises.

What is DISH's regular pricing?

The most important difference on your account after the promotion ends is the monthly price. As a sign-on bonus, DISH offers you a bunch of promotional credits that lower your bill, and let you try out certain services for free to see if you like them. When the promotion expires, the price returns to normal. Or in other words; the price goes up. Here is an example of regular and promotional pricing.