You can play games on your TV with our exclusive DISH Network GAMES

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Your satellite TV receiver may not be the first place you think to go to play video games, but it is possible and affordable with DISH Network GAMES.

If you're wondering, "Does DISH Network have games that you can play on your TV?" the answer is, "Yes!" DISH Network GAMES offer family-friendly games, available for subscription, that you can add or remove from your programming package at any time. Take a look at the games below and remember, all of the games can be demo'd before you decide whether or not you want to pay for the subscription.

DISH Network has a catalog of games at different price points

TETRIS TV: $3/month
Tetris is a video game classic. The Tetris brand is known to nearly everyone. It's simple design, variable difficulty levels, and addictive gameplay makes this a nostalgic classic that you and the whole family can enjoy over and over again. This game is offered in two different play modes: Traditional Tetris, and a timed 40-line challenge mode.

Disney Interactive: $5/month
Disney offers DISH Network customers with the Disney branded interactive TV games, Disney channel information, and access to dedicated content.

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Playin TV: $5/month
This package of games is designed for multi-player family-fun. You can play games like:

Hunting Trails: $3/month
This old-school simulator brings the fun of hunting games directly to your TV. You can hunt a variety of animals in a variety of environments.

I-Play TV: $5/month
This package is for those who love TV-themed trivia games. The themes will rotate automatically, monthly, and change between:

Deal or No Deal
National Geographic's trivia game called NGC What on Earth?
Hidden Stars: a horoscope based game about famous films and movie stars.

DishGAMES: $5/month
You can actually win real money playing these games! Some of the games included are from the PixelPlay brand, like:

Common Questions about playing Games on your TV with DISH Network

Can you really play games on your TV with DISH Network?
Yes. You play the games with your remote control, directly on your TV.

How much do the games cost? Is there a free trial?
The game subscriptions range from $3 per month to $5 per month. Each game has a demo-mode that lets you try the game out before you decide to purchase the subscription.

Each game has a demo-mode that lets you try it for free before you buy.

Do I need some sort of console, like an XBOX or a Wii to play games on DISH Network?
No. You order the games from DISH and play them on your TV with your DISH Network remote control. No gaming console is required.

Do I have to have a specific DISH Network receiver to play these games?
Yes. There is a limited number of receivers that are able to play these games. Below you will see a list, but if you're looking to sign up for new service, all of our new customers will be provided with compatible receivers.

How long do I have to keep the game subscription? Can I cancel it?
You can add and remove DISH Network's Interactive TV games from your account at any time.

What are some of the other features of DISH Network GAMES?
Like any good gaming platform, you will have the ability to compete, view and climb leaderboards, and possibly even win real cash prizes.