DISH vs. Directv Sunday Ticket™

This page will prove: you can pay less and still get all the NFL action you want.

DISH is committed to offering a great selection of NFL football games. Directv charges you a premium for Sunday Ticket Max™ to get the RedZone channel, but do they really offer your a better experience for that high price tag? We have outlined below exactly what you get with both the Directv Sunday Ticket™ and the Multi-Sport Pack from DISH so you can make an educated choice on which NFL package is right for you.

NOTICE: Due to pricing changes, this page is considered *under construction*

DISH Network versus Directv. Who has a better deal?

NFL Coverage with DISH

Why is Directv more expensive? Do they offer more than DISH?

DirecTV offers NFL Sunday Ticket™. This is a very popular package every year. But this package comes at a premium price ranging from $240 - $330 per season. Whereas DISH gives you NFL RedZone for only $132 for the NFL season. Quick addition shows savings of nearly $200 per season!

As you can see from the image shown to the right, Directv only makes the RedZone channel availiable with Sunday Ticket Max™ which is $330. Again only requires that you purchase the Multi-sport pack for $11/mo to get RedZone.

You also receive 25 additional sports channels with your Multi-sports pack add-on from DISH. The Primetime networks (CBS, NBC, FOX) are scheduled in 2014 to show atleast one game of every NFL team. This nationally televised standard means you can watch your favorite team in 100% digital clarity with DISH Network. A glaring difference here is the price you pay (pictured below) to get these major networks included in your channel package.

The NFL announced they will show every team atleast once in Primtetime coverage. We have included a chart below so you can find your team and see how much game coverage they will receive in the upcoming season.

It's quite simple to see why DISH is the better choice if you are a huge NFL football fan. You save tons of money every season with NFL RedZone and you pay less per month to get the channel package that's right for you.

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