Switching to Dishnet $24.99 is easy.

Disambiguation: This page is referring to the DISH Video service, not the dishNET Internet service.

Why is everyone searching for Dishnet $19.99 so19? Because DISH Network starts at only $24.99 per month. Dishnet is DISH Network. It used to be priced at $19.99 and $5 for the locals, but now we've combined those prices into one, for a great deal of $24.99 per month.

Why should I order Dishnet $19.99 through you? What is the so19 part?

The popular search engine, Yahoo, have kept the so19 for dishnet alive. They are helping customers connect to us to get the Dishnet $19.99 so19 offer? (Keep in mind, "Dishnet $19.99 so19" is a search term, not a price point. The actual price point is $24.99). We are one of the largest DISH Network sales partners in the country, and we service the entire country. We're proudly offering all of DISH Network's promotions. Unlike other retailers, we don't charge any type of processing or activation fee. And when we place the order for you, it will be installed by a local company.

What is included when I order Dishnet TV service?

What's the catch with Dishnet? There's always a catch ...

To get all of these great promotional offers from DISH Network and Satellite Solutions Network, our customers agree to a 24 month service commitment to DISH Network. This promotion is called DHA 24 and is based on approved credit. All the equipment is leased to you by DISH, and there are programs in place to account for all the little things that come up in life. If you have to move, we have a program called DISH Movers, there's a Military Clause in the contract for those serving our country, and a cancellation program if you can no longer keep the service for whatever reason.

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