dishNET High-Speed Satellite Internet
Bundle with DISH TV and save $10 per month.

dishNET is high-speed Internet delivered via satellite service. It is available nearly everywhere in the United States. Learn more about the DISH Internet service here. A $10 modem fee applies.

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What is dishNET high-speed Internet?

dishNET is high-speed Internet via satellite. Because it is a satellite service, dishNET satellite is available almost everywhere in the US. This makes the dishNET satellite Internet service perfect for people who live in rural communities, or areas where cable and DSL lines have not yet been run. Wondering if dishNET satellite Internet is the right choice for you? Call or chat with us today. We can help you decide, describe promotions, and schedule a free installation.

Package Details: "Good" Satellite Internet

Package Details: "Better" Satellite Internet

Package Details: "Best" Satellite Internet

*TV + Internet bundled credit ($10/month) is only available when ordering the 2-Year TV Price Guarantee offer. Customers subscribing to the 1-st Year Savings Offer will pay the everyday price for dishNET satellite Internet. Please call or chat for full package details and offer details.

Activation Fees

Activation fees are based on package and credit qualification. Please ask one of our phone or chat representatives if an activation fee applies to you. In most cases, our customers pay no activation fee. However, if an activation fee is paid, it is typically the $49 fee for the Good package, or a Geographic Area Activation Fee(3).

1) Data allotments are expressed in “Anytime” usage and “Off-Peak Bonus” usage. Data allotments for packages may vary depending on service area. Check the order entry tool prior to quoting data allotments to the customer. 2) Bundle credit available for the life of the account, provided the customer subscribes to dishNET Satellite and DISH video service with eligible TV programming (America’s Top 120 or higher, DishLATINO Clásico or higher, or DISH America or higher). 3) All customers may be subject to an additional $99 Activation Fee if they live in certain geographic areas. NOTE: A separate 24-month commitment is required for dishNET Satellite services. This is in addition to any video commitment. A $420 Early Termination Fee will apply for early contract cancellation (prorated at $20 per month remaining in the customer’s commitment).