High-Speed Internet plans start at $29.99/mo

For 6 months when bundled with a qualifying DISH TV package.

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What is dishNET Wireline high-speed Internet?

dishNET is high-speed DSLInternet service. You may have heard of dishNET before, and thought it was satellite Internet. DISH offers two dishNET services: one is a satellite Internet service and one is the Wireline (DSL) service offered through a strategic partnership with CenturyLink. Wireline is available within a 14-State region, verified by address. Use this page to help determine if dishNET Wireline is right for you, and when you're ready, call or chat with us today. We will answer any questions you might have, describe the promotions, and can schedule the free installation.

DISH Bundle: TV and Internet Bundles

The following list includes details for DISH TV and Internet bundles. All prices shown are monthly, and do not include the cost of the DISH TV channel package that you select, and do not include the $10 modem fee.

TV + Internet Bundle - Good

TV + Internet Bundle - Better

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NOTE: Service availability within 14 state region for pricing shown varies by address. Internet speed availability varies by location. * Prices are available only when dishNET Wireline service is bundled with DISH TV service and does not include DISH TV service costs. Prices do not include taxes or fees. Price does not include $10 modem lease fee.Taxes are based on the everyday price. All services must be maintained to receive bundle discount. If a service is terminated, the bundle discount will be reduced or cancelled depending upon the services remaining on the account. No minimum TV programming is required for the bundle credit.