Renter's Rights and Rules and Regulations of satellite service

Just because you are renting your residence does not mean you can't get great satellite TV from DISH Network.

Renter's Rights as a Satellite TV customer.

Whether you rent or own your residence, it is important to understand what rights granted to you by the federal government you have when it comes to the installation of over-the-air antennas, such as a DISH satellite antenna for property you own, or the property you may be renting or leasing. Many people are not aware of what rights they have pertaining to satellite dishes and equipment for their home.

Download the official DISH Landlord Letter of Permission here by clicking the button below. If you have been directed here by a phone or chat agent, then you probably received instructions for the form. If not: You will need to print out this form, have it filled out by your landlord or authorized property manager and present it to the DISH installation technician on the day of installation.

Download DISH Landlord Permission Form

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Rules and Regulations about satellite services.

Before getting your new satellite dish and services from DISH Network, you should understand your rights as a customer. It is commonplace for people to feel apprehensive about purchasing satellite services to avoid confronting the rules put in place by Home Owners Associations. Often these HOA's break federal law without even realizing it and merely knowing your rights can cause the HOA to grant you an exception or perhaps even rewrite their rules.

We will break down the rules about this service so you can feel 100% comfortable about the installation process.

A special rule called OTARD (over-the-air-reception-devices) was created to promote a fair and competitive TV reception market. It has been in effect since 1996 and essentially keeps the goverment or other agencies from restricting the use of antennas that receive TV receptions from satellites. (Which is a great thing!)

This OTARD Rule covers all DISH Network satellites as well as other TV antennas and wireless signal antennas. More importantly it covers you from your landlord or community from making unreasonable restrictions on your dish.

As long as you place the DISH satellite in your private "exclusive area" such as a balcony, deck or garden, etc. then you are totally covered by the OTARD rule. You will only have to fill out the form we mentioned previously at the top of this page and present it to your lanlord prior to the satellite installation. They may ask you camouflage the dish with shrubs or other means just for asthetic purposes.

In summary, this rule is a great way to keep comsumers, like you, safe from unruly landords and HOA members. You can rest assured that getting new DISH TV satellite service will be secure and hassle free.