DISH Network's referral program is called "ClubDISH."

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Both the existing customer (left) and the new customer (right) benefit from a ClubDISH referral. Both get $50 from DISH. The existing customer also gets (5) free PPV coupons, and the new customer has access to the new customer incentives, including our $75 cash back offer.

The ClubDISH referral program offers benefits to both the existing customer making the referral, and the recipient of the referral who is placing a new order. We're going to outline the benefits for both on this page as well as providing instructions for how to obtain a ClubDISH referral code, and how to place an order with a ClubDISH code.

Benefits of the ClubDISH Referral Program

ClubDISH Referral Program Instructions

If you are being referred by an existing DISH Network customer follow these simple steps. (1) Obtain the Club DISH Certificate number from the person referring you. It should look something like: DRC123456. (2) Place your order with us and provide the sales representative with the ClubDISH Certificate number at the beginning of the process. (3) Agree to the terms and conditions of the 24-month contract, and that's it! $50 will be instantly credited to your new DISH account.

If you have been referred, and were not given a ClubDISH certificate number, the person referring you is probably unaware that one is necessary. Contact them and provide them with the following instructions.

If you are referring some to DISH, and you're a current DISH Network customer, follow these simple steps. You have two options. Once you've obtained the ClubDISH Certificate number, which should look something like: DRC123456, provide it to the person you're referring and tell them to call us.

Option (1) - Log into your DISH Network account. You can generate a ClubDISH Certificate number online.

Option (2) - Call customer service @ 800 894-9131 and request a ClubDISH Certificate Number over the phone. NOTE: They will want to mail you the code. Insist that they provide the number to you over the phone. Write it down carefully.

New customers with a ClubDISH referral get $50 off their first bill, instantly, plus our $75 cash back incentive offer. Call now.

1-800-970-9509 Offer ends soon

Commons questions asked about the ClubDISH referral program

ClubDISH is offered with all of the new customer incentives, including the $75 cash back rebate!

It's a popular program, one many people have heard of, and therefore we are asked a lot of question about it. See a few of those questions below.

Can I just give you their name and number?
No, unfortunately. The ClubDISH program is very specific and requires a special code, called a ClubDISH Certificate Number in order to work properly. If you're unsure of how to obtain this number, just ask us. We are happy to help.

I don't want the 24 month contract. Can I still use a ClubDISH Certificate Number?
No. The ClubDISH promotional offerings are only available if you agree to the 24 month commitment.

Am I still eligible for the $75 cash rebate?
Yes. ClubDISH is offered with all the new customer incentives. So in addition to today's promotion, you'll get the instant $50 credit offered by the ClubDISH promotion, and our $75 cash back rebate.

Do you (Satellite Solutions Network, Inc.) offer an additional referral program?
Yes we do. If a customer who signed up with DISH Network through us wants to refer a friend or family member they can contact us first and get instructions from a representative.

You can actually take advantage of all the promotions. (1) You both get the ClubDISH benefits as long as you get a ClubDISH certificate number (which we'll help you obtain), (2) the new customer gets offered all of the new customer incentives, which includes the $75 cash rebate, and (3) we pay you an additional referral bonus for being a customer of ours and making a successful referral.

The new customer you refer must agree to the 24-month contract in order to be eligible for any of the referral programs.