Add-on Channels and Packages for DISH TV Customers

Add-on Channels and Packages Guide.

DISH offers numerous channels and channels packages as add-ons (sometimes called a la carte selections) and this page is designed as a guide to those specific channels and packages. Some of the packages have their own page, others are presented here. Use the list below to navigate to the package you're interested in:

Individual channels (Various Monthly Pricing)

Aljazeera America
Channel Number: 638
Show Description (hide)
Playboy TV
Channel Number: 488
Show Description (hide)
The Blaze
Channel Number: 212
Show Description (hide)

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Common Questions about Add-on Channels and Packages

Can I add these channels / packages to any other package?
No. Add-on packages, like the ones listed in this guide, can only be added to core programming.

Am I required to keep the channels if I add them?
No. You can add and remove these packages at your leisure. If you remove a channel package within 30 days of adding, DISH charges a one-time $5 fee.

Are all the a la carte channels listed here?
No. DISH has a tremendous number of add-on channels and packages when you consider premium movies, latino, sports, PPV, and International programming. This guide is intended to show potential new customers the most popular and relevant offerings.

What's the difference between a la carte and add-on?
There isn't one. A la carte is a term that is not universally understood, while add-on is a little more self-explanatory. For our use, the terms are synonymous.