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This web site is designed for those looking to sign up for a new DISH Network account. We are one of the largest DISH Network retailers in the country, but we cannot offer promotions to existing customers. You will need to contact DISH for that. So, please do not call the phone number at the top of the screen, because that is "new customer sales". Call the DISH Customer Service Number, displayed below. This page is designed to serve our visitors that already have DISH Network service.

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We care about your opinion.

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I have HD Televisions. What kind of deals are there?

Lots of people still have standard definition televisions, but you really cannot walk into a Wal-Mart, or Target and buy a standard definition TV anymore. You're going to be face to face with all HDTVs.

By now you've probably seen the commercials for "Free HD for Life." As a DISH customer you've probably wondered, "Do I get that?". The answer is yes! But you need to contact DISH for that, and not a Retailer (like us). Or, you can just visit DISH's site and sign up for it there. Or, read this article which describes the promotion for new and existing customers: Free HD for Life - first with DISH Network - a new promotion starting today!

"I'm slightly confused as to what the difference is between Digital and HD?" Read this article right here, and it will all make sense: Is Digital TV the same thing as HD TV? I'm confused about the Digital Transition ...

Well, why shouldn't I just switch to Directv then? They'll offer me new-customer deals.

That may be true, and you're certainly entitled to do so if you want, but there are a few things to keep in mind. DISH is crushing Directv in HD Content, read here for the whole story: How many HD Channels are there? How many HD channels does DISH Network or Directv actually offer? So, if HD is not that important to you, and that article doesn't say it all, then price is probably a pretty big deal for you. They advertise fairly low prices, but they don't include anything in those price, and they literally double in the second year. Not a small jump, but a $30 to $37 per month jump. That's pretty big. So, be careful before you make the switch, it could end up being worse for you. Compare DISH vs Directv prices.


800 894-9131
This is the official DISH Network customer service number
What if I am Moving, or want free movie channels like HBO or or want a discount on my bill? Will they do that for me?

Moving to a new home, or apartment has never been easier!

All you have to do is take a break from packing all of those boxes, and managing who will drive the truck, and what hotels you're going to stay at on the way, and give customer service a call and say, "Hey, I'm moving, and I'd like to take my service with me." and DISH will move you to your new location for free! Again, the customer service for existing customers is 800 333-3474.

I love to watch movies. Can I get some free movies?

As you've likely noticed, often times companies will offer new customers HBO or or something like that, free for a few months if they sign up. Well, if you want to bring the latest blockbuster hits to your big-screen HDTV, or just want to sit back with the family and watch a good flick, but are not ready to commit to paying for a full time premium movie channel, then give customer service a call and ask for a three month trial of HBO, or one of the popular packages, like Starz or Cinemax. They might be able to offer it to you!

New customers are getting discounts on their bill. I want to lower my monthly bills too!

We fully understand and appreciate that argument. But chances are when you first signed up for the service you experienced some discounts too. Offering a discount to new customers is a very common and well-accepted practice in the service industry. Cell phone companies, Security Alarm companies, High Speed Internet service providers, even lawn care services and personal trainers will often offer discounted rates to new customers. But at some point these companies need their customers to remain loyal and pay the regular rate.

When a service provider discounts its rates for new customers they are not making money. They are betting that you'll enjoy the service enough to keep it, and begin paying the regular rates. So, while DISH will offer you some pretty awesome promotions, as a current customer, they cannot just cut the cost of your package.

What happened to ESPN Classic? I used to have it, now I don't ...

ESPN Classic has been moved to the Multi-Sports Pack. You can call customer service and have this added to your account for only $13 per month. If you would like to learn more about why this happened, read this article: DISH Network Moves ESPN Classic from Top 200 to the Multi-Sports Pack

What's all this about the Hopper?

The Hopper, and the Hopper with Sling is a whole-home HD-DVR receiver system offered by DISH. If you'd like to upgrade, or see if you qualify for an upgrade, give DISH a call and ask them to evaluate your eligibility.

If you CURRENTLY HAVE DISH NETWORK, please call 800 894-9131
This is the official DISH Network customer service number