Installation Services - Free, and often Next-Day

Standard professional installation is free. Ask if same or next-day installation is available in your area.

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We are able to schedule a free installation when you place a new order for DISH Network. Our technicians are certified professionals. This free service is offered for up to (6) rooms based on what you order.

When you order DISH Network you do not have to worry about installation, because standard professional installation is included with each order completely free.

Ask if same or next-day installation is available. You get to choose your installation date and time when you place your order.

We install on Saturdays, Sundays, and most major holidays. Whenever you want, morning or afternoon, we can send a tech out to install DISH Network.

We offer free installation for the entire country. We can schedule an installation in any of the 48 contiguous United States (Alaska and Hawaii excluded).

Installation is FREE for up to six (6) rooms! This means whether you have one TV, or six TVs you will not have to pay a dime for standard professional installation. Our tech will show up, already know exactly what to do, listen to any wishes or additional instructions you might have, and begin working.
(equipment upgrade fees may apply)

We do the work, so you can relax. We require that you, or a responsible adult party, be present during the installation, but that is all. You are not required to do anything, we do it all. Feel free to explain how you'd like the system set up if you have any preferences, otherwise, relax, the installer will take a few hours to perform the work and will demonstrate the system to you when he is finished.

Free installation is available in your area. Next-Day or Weekend installations are on a first-come first-serve basis. Call now!

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Common questions about our free installation promotion

Can you briefly describe a typical installation?
The installer will call you on the day of installation before he arrives to give you an ETA. When he arrives he will perform a brief survey to become oriented with your property and will have a conversation with you. The satellite dish antenna will be installed and wires from the antenna will be run into your home. If the existing wiring in the house is suitable, which it usually is, then the installer will utilize this wiring. Receivers are installed in the locations that you need them. Each remote is programmed to its TV and receiver. The system is tested and then demonstrated to you. That's it!

... it doesn't interfere with your existing Internet wiring.

Will the DISH wires affect my cable Internet service?
No. Our installers are extremely familiar with the Internet service providers in your area. The installation process does not interfere with your existing Internet wiring. It is usually helpful to the installation technician if you mention to him the Internet service provider you're currently using.

Is my monthly bill the same price if I get all six rooms installed?
No. The prices you see advertised are typically for a one or two room system using one of our dual tuner receivers. Your monthly bill is based on what you order. If you order six rooms worth of equipment and programming, your bill will be higher than if you only order basic service in one or two rooms. Either way, the installation is free all the way up to six rooms.

I live in an apartment. Will you install an apartment with DISH?
Yes! The process is a little different than for a house but our technicians are installing thousands of new apartments with DISH every single day.

Your HOA is prohibited by law to impose any restrictions upon you that would render you unable to receive service.

Where does the dish antenna go?
The dish can be installed in a number of different ways. This is determined by you and the technician on the day of installation. It can be installed on an exterior wall, a roof, on a pole, on a tri-pod, or other similar mounting device. The antenna must have line-of-sight to the satellite that is assigned to your area. Typically this is either South East or South West.

My HOA has restrictions. Will you accommodate them?
Absolutely. There are several different ways the dish can be installed. Just talk with the installer when he arrives.

NOTICE: Your HOA is prohibited by law to impose any restrictions upon you that would render you unable to receive a signal. This means that if your HOA says the "dish cannot be visible from the road," and the installer says that is the only viable location, it is against the law for the HOA to penalize you for installing the dish there.

Does there need to be a TV in each room during the installation?
Yes. If you ordered a four room system then you will need a TV in all four rooms on the day of installation. We require this so the installer can run the wires and test that the system is functioning properly.

NOTICE: It is possible for you to move a TV from one room to the next so the installer can test the system. Some of our customers will borrow a TV from a friend or neighbor just for the installation, and in some cases the installation tech will have a small portable TV with them for this purpose.