Hopper and Joey w/ Sling - DISH's Whole-Home HD-DVR System
311 SD Receiver
1 TVHD DVR DISH Remote Access Dolby Digital Award

Hopper and Joey with Sling - Get it here.

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The Hopper with Sling is a whole-home HD-DVR receiver system. Exclusive features: record up to 8 shows at the same time, store 2000 hours of recordings, and watch live TV or recordings anywhere at any time on your mobile devices--with no monthly fee. View our receiver guide below.

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Benefits, features, and specifications of the Hopper and Joey with Sling whole-home HD-DVR receiver system

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Back panel, manuals, and brochue for the Hopper Receiver

Back of the Hopper receiver

Rear panel for the Joey

back of the joey receiver

Tech specs, rear panel features, and AV Connections for the Hopper