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Why not have the ability to watch live or recording TV programming from anywhere on any device? DISH certainly thinks you should be able to. You're not just watching prerecorded stuff, or certain VOD titles. With the Sling you can actually watch live TV just like you were sitting at home.

The Sling adapter is $49 and there is no monthly fee!

Watch Live TV or Recorded Events anywhere in the world on your laptop, PC, Phone, or Tablet! And better yet, there is no monthly fee. It is free!

The adapter works with the Hopper and the 722 HD-DVR. These are the two most popular receivers we carry.

Sleek compact design will go unoticed by your friends, family, and guests. It's slim and thin profile seats neatly atop your HD-DVR. The adapter is so well designed that it has won two awards: (1) Design and Engineering Showcase Honors, 2011 and (2) International Design Excellence Awards, 2010.

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Common Questions about the Sling Adapter Deal

Do I have to pay the $49 up front?
Yes. You are purchasing the Sling Adapter for $49 and is available when you place your order. There is no monthly fee to use the Sling Adapter.

What is a Sling Adapter, and what does it do?
The SlingAdapter requires a high-speed Internet connection at the home but allows you to watch live TV or recorded events from anywhere in the world via a desktop computer or compatible mobile device, like an iPhone/iPad or Android phone.

Detailed Explanation

The Sling Adapter connected to your HD-DVR dual tuner and to your home's High Speed Internet connection. It creates a connection to an online account that you create via your Internet connection. This allows you to log on to your account from any device connected to the Internet. Once you are logged in you have the option to (1) Watch Live TV, (2) Watch Recorded Events, or (3) Program Your DVR.

The receiver sends its signal directly to your location via the Internet. Instead of the receiver sending a signal to a TV that you're watching your living room or bedroom it is sending it to your desktop PC, or mobile device like a phone, tablet, or laptop.

How do I sign up for this promotion?
Simple. Just indicate to your sales representative that you'd like to purchase the Sling Adapter.

Does this occupy the receiver at home when I'm using the Sling?
Yes and no. The Sling Adapter does utilize one of the two tuners that are in the HD-DVR receiver. So, if you are using the Sling then you are remotely controlling the second tuner. So the TV at home will still work, but it will be watching the same thing as the person using the Sling Adapter.

How do I connect the Sling Adapter to the Internet? Is it WiFi?
There are three primary ways people are connecting their HD-DVR Receiver (which the Sling Adapter is connected to) to the Internet. All three are easy to do and described below.

What are the system requirements?

Sling Adapter only works with The Hopper, ViP® 722 or ViP® 722k HD DuoDVR receivers.

High-Speed Internet Connection (Cable/DSL/Fiber)