Hopper 3 With ControllerThe Dish Hopper 3 is Dish TV’s newest HD DVR that’s undoubtedly exceeding the expectations of all who have experienced it. Read the benefits of the Dish Hopper 3.

With its sleek design, ability to record sixteen shows simultaneously, and 2TB hard disk storage, the Dish TV 4K Hopper is the most advanced DVR device currently on the market. Not only does it provide an unparalleled recording experience, but it also delivers enhanced features and functionalities that elevate the way we enjoy television.

Experts have labeled it the most powerful cable box ever, with none of Dish network’s competitors coming close. Switch to the Dish TV Hopper 3’s 2,000 hours of storage space, and you can be sure of high-definition entertainment options for you and your family.

Get to learn what the 4K Hopper 3 from Dish TV is and how it steps up your entire tv experience to the next level.

What the Dish Hopper 3 from Dish TV Does

On top of the Dish Network Hopper 3 converting your TV to a smart TV, so your family can now get to enjoy internet TV and other third-party apps, you can:

Record up to 16 shows at once

Store up to 2,000 hours of content

Enjoy channels in your Dish Network package

Access and filter On-Demand movies and shows on Netflix, Prime, and Hulu according to your preferences

Auto hop commercials and prime time ads

Pause and rewind live TV

Set up your DVR from anywhere with the Dish TV app

Limit access to inappropriate content using the parental control function

New Features on the Dish TV Hopper 3

Advancements in TV entertainment—Dish TV allows you to level up to these features with the 4K Hopper 3. It comes with a backlit voice control remote that gives you hands-free operational capabilities.

Other advancements on the Hopper 3 include:

The Alexa Integration Feature lets you pair your Dish TV Hopper with any Amazon Alexa device, be it the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, giving you a seamless smart home experience.

Channel customization options for up to 4 1080 HD channels on the Dish Network with Multi-View

 Crystal-clear 4K resolution compatibility for sports channels

 Bluetooth Audio streaming with Dolby Digital Support

Temperature management with software upgrades via satellite

Control through your iPad alongside sharing capabilities on socials

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No other DVR has the performance capabilities to match the Dish TV Hopper. Enjoy your favorite Dish Network movies and shows anywhere with all the benefits of the Dish Hopper 3. Get into the action and contact us to future-proof your TV entertainment with Dish TV.

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