Girl using Dish TV voice remote control to navigate her TV

Did you know that the Dish TV voice remote control can do so much more than navigate your DVR? If you’re like many people who have an OTA antenna and a cable or satellite subscription, you probably don’t use all the functionality your remote control offers.

Let’s explore the different ways you can use Dish TV Remote Control, from changing channels to pausing or rewinding live TV through recordings. Keep reading to see the innovative uses a Dish TV Voice Remote boasts, such as finding itself and being a universal remote.

Pair Your Hopper 3 with Your Smart Devices

Dish voice remote controls give you a lot of power. These handy devices allow you to control your dish television, satellite TV, or home network using the sound of your voice since it is equipped with the latest Otto™ voice control technology. When combined with a compatible device such as an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or a similar device, they become incredibly useful.

You can give similar commands to your voice remote as you would with smart devices to find shows or your favorite programs.

Use the Dish Voice Remote as a Universal Remote

You can use the Dish voice remote to activate DVRs and connect to other appliances such as your TV and DVD. The voice control features can:

change channels or volume

check weather reports

set timers and alarms

start video from various external sources

enter passcodes for certain channels

Find Itself

Ever encountered the frustration of losing your remote and having to rummage all over the house looking for it? The new Dish voice remote has a backlight feature which helps you find it by flashing lights when you press the locate remote function on your Hopper’s front panel.

Find Your Favorite Shows

Finding your favorite shows, movies, and programs has never been this easy. With the Dish TV voice remote control, you can explore all your favorite channels hands-free on the Dish Network. The voice control features respond to several commands, which you can use to find your program or tv show genre.

Get in the Loop

With a new and simplified layout, the Dish TV voice remote control will make watching TV a wholesome experience for you and your family. It includes a backlit numeric keypad and a touchpad that responds to movements and gestures such as swiping, scrolling, and tapping on top of the voice control features.

Ready to take your TV viewing to the next level? With the convenience of voice commands, pairing with smart devices, and the ability to find your favorite shows effortlessly, the Dish TV voice remote control will transform your TV experience. Don’t miss out on this amazing upgrade – visit our main page or check out our channel packages and get your Dish Network subscription now to unlock a world of entertainment at your command!

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