Get high speed internet in rural areas through Dish Network

We understand. You enjoy living in a rural area, but you also want websites to load before the turn of the century. Modern technology should allow you to live where you like and bring your high-definition streaming shows with you. It shouldn’t be so hard to find fast internet outside of the city. We’ll tell you how you can get high speed internet in rural areas.

Did you know that Dish Network brings you easy access to the internet in low-coverage places without breaking your budget? It’s true. They’re much more than just amazing and affordable Dish TV packages (which you can also get in rural areas, by the way).

Bright Lights, Small City

You make sacrifices to move away from the sound of police sirens and big city prices. Or maybe you’ve always been lucky enough to live in a rural paradise. Utility companies, including internet service providers, aren’t always able to invest in the infrastructure necessary to service homes out in the country.

Dish Network believes that high-speed internet isn’t an amenity you should have to give up. That’s why they go beyond Dish TV with internet providers partnerships that offer high speed internet in rural areas.

High-Speed Internet Options from Dish Network Partners

You may have more options than you think when it comes to internet service in low-coverage places. From reliable DSL to blazing-fast fiber, Dish Network can help you find a plan that will let you handle video calls with your employer and all your online shopping needs. You may have access to some or all of these services, depending on your area.


HughesNet is a high-quality satellite provider that delivers fast reliable internet coast-to-coast. With a customer base of over 1 million as well as an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, you can rest assured that HughesNet will offer great customer service. There are multiple plans to choose from and updated technologies that allow for a convenient experience, which involves:

  • Affordable packages.
  • All plans with at least 25 Mbps of download and 3 Mbps of upload speeds.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connection that allows you to connect all devices and stream from anywhere in the home.

Viasat Satellite Internet

Do you want fast internet in rural areas? We dare you to find an area too far away from urban centers for Viasat. Dish Network partner Viasat can get you online from almost whatever remote cabin or duck blind you can find with this convenient service that includes:

  • Incredible connectivity – get a wireless signal almost anywhere in the contiguous United States
  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps, depending on your area
  • Unlimited data plans for rural areas

Frontier Fiber

Looking for high-speed internet in rural places? Frontier Fiber has you covered. This rapidly growing service seeks to bring true modern connectivity to areas outside of big cities. It has more limited availability than the other two options, but it doesn’t skimp on the advantages:

  • Rock-solid reliability, even with multiple people using the network at once
  • Handles a ton of devices on the connection, including tablets, phones, consoles, and computers
  • Speeds up to 2000 Mbps
  • Ideal for gamers

Don’t Forget DishTV

Peaceful nights in the countryside are perfect for curling up with some snacks and watching movies. You can get extensive, inexpensive television packages that include all your favorite channels, even when you live far outside the city. Dish TV brings you local channels, sports, and hundreds of channels, plus the Hopper series DVR so you never have to miss a program.

Tap Into Dish Network with Satellite Solutions

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