Friends watching a sports game with a Dish TV's sport package

Dish Network offers some of the best sports channels for any sporting fan out there. It provides content across the sporting divide, from outdoor sports to ball games and indoor sports. Its packages are divided according to the type of sports that you would like to watch. This makes it easy for anyone to pick the best Dish TV sports package according to their preferences. Therefore, there is no better choice than the rest.

Do not miss your favorite team’s game. Here is a quick look at the available sports packages on Dish and what you can expect to watch on each.

Multi-Sport Pack

This package is available free for all subscribers to America’s Top 120 Plus and higher or the DishLATINO Max package up to November 15, 2022. After that, you can purchase it for an additional fee. The Multi-Sport package offers games across the gaming device and is ideal for fans of various competitions. Here are the channels available in the package.

Pac-12 Network

Big Ten Network

MLB Network


Fuel TV


NHL Network


Also, the main professional football channels.

Dish Outdoor Pack

This package includes outdoor sporting activities and competitions. It is ideal for TV viewers who love the thrill of adventure and outdoor games that involve skill and endurance. Dish has spread its offering to include as many thrilling activities as possible. This package costs a small additional monthly fee.

Here are the channels available on the package.

Outdoor Channel

Sportsman Channel

World Fishing


Fox Soccer Plus

The Fox Soccer Plus is the package to pick if you are a soccer fan and do not want to miss a game. It includes various ball games and leagues spread across the country and beyond. You can access hundreds of games streamed live to your TV each season.

Here are some of the major sports in this package.

Live soccer from competitions such as the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Nations League, and CONCACAF Gold Cup

Premium rugby games from around the globe

Magners League

Guinness Premiership

Heineken Cup


The Australian Rules Football League

Also, the main professional football games.

NBA League Pass

This is a seasonal package that is only available during the NBA session. It gives you access to all NBA games live, NBA video highlights, news, sports analysis, player reviews, and lots of historical information. It is a true NBA paradise for fans. With the package, you can watch up to 40 games per week at the peak of the season. The price of the pass varies with the season.

NHL Center Ice

If you love NHL hockey, NHL Center Ice gives you access to all the games across North America. You can watch over 40 out-of-market games weekly, relevant news, player reviews, and expert analysis. This package is available after making a one-time payment or can be combined with any other on the platform.

Willow Cricket HD

If you love watching players battle it on the cricket court, Willow Cricket allows you to watch unending competitions on your screen and receive premier 24×7 HD cricket from various parts of the world. The package includes major international events and tours. Like the other packages above, you will receive relevant news and even expert analysis on some games.

Are you ready to indulge in premier sports action and unlimited fun on your TV? Pick the best Dish TV sports package for your interests and preferences. You can select more than one package to cater to the tastes of different family members. Ready for some sporting action? Contact Satellite Solutions today for a subscription or upgrade to higher packages on your existing Dish package.


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