DISH World IPTV Deals - International programming without the dish!

We no longer directly sell DISH World IPTV

In order to have DISH World IPTV you must first Roku HD Streaming Player . Then you need to contact us, or DISH World, and place an order for IPTV service. For this reason we do not recommend you use the pricing information found on this page as it may no longer be accurate. We are retaining this page in case DISH World changes their policies and allows us to start selling again. Currently there are NO RETAILERS SELLING DISH WORLD IPTV.

DISH World IPTV Promotions and Deals - International programming, by DISH Network, with no dish required!

A Roku box is now *required* to use DISH World IPTV. Buy from Amazon then order the service from us.

No room for a satellite dish? Don't want a 24 month contract? Here on a work visa, or don't have established credit? DISH World IPTV may be the solution for you.

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DISH Network is offering you a way to get International programming without the need for a satellite dish. It is called DISH World (IPTV). IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and means you'll be able to get the best Arabic, Bangla, Brazilian, Hindi, and Urdu programming delivered directly to your TV via your High Speed Internet connection. We are offering the best deals for new IPTV customers. Use this page as a guide to find the language, channels, and packages that interest you.

Language specific channels and packages guides
Arabic | Bangla | Brazilian | Hindi | Urdu

DISH World IPTV might be a perfect fit for you

Operators are standing by. Call, chat, or order DISH World IPTV online and start receiving your favorite programming without a satellite dish!

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Common Questions about DISH Network's DISH World IPTV program

Is there a contract involved?
Yes and no. You have two options. Option (1) with a 12-month contract you purchase the receiver for $49.99. With the 12 month contract, if you cancel your DISH World service prior to the end of the twelve month of service there is a $12.50 fee for each month remaining in the contract. Option (2) Without a contract, you can cancel at any time, and you purchase the receiver for $99.99.

... new DISH World IPTV receivers have built in wireless, making setup easy.

What equipment is needed?
You need one DISH World IPTV receiver. It is a small set-top box that comes with a remote control. All you need is a TV and a High Speed Internet connection. The new DISH World IPTV receivers have built in wireless network receivers which means they will be able to connect to your home's wireless network without buying additional equipment.

What are the shipping options?
When you order a DISH World receiver from us we have to ship the receiver to you. Standard Ground shipping is $15.98. Allow 5-7 business days for this to arrive. You may also select "2nd Day Shipping" which will deliver the box in two business days. That costs $29.99. All shipping fees are one time fees.

How fast does the Internet Connection need to be?
1 Mbps Download Speed is the minimum speed requirement.

What languages or channel packages are available with DISH World?
Three primary languages: Arabic, Bangla, Brazilian, Hindi, and Urdu.