322 SD Multi-Room Dual Tuner DISH Network Receiver

322 SD Multi-Room Dual Tuner

512 SD-DVR Receiver
1 TV 2 TV HD DVR DISH Remote Access Dolby Digital

The 322 is a standard definition receiver and can operate two TVs at the same time, each with their own remote, and each can be watching separate channels at the same time. This receiver is not as popular anymore due to the fact that almost all new DISH Network customers get High Definition receivers for no additional charge. In almost all cases, besides Flex 24 customers, you will be getting the ViP 222k/222 HD Multi-Room Dual Tuner receiver.

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Benefits, features, and specifications of the 322 SD Multi-Room Dual Tuner Receiver

Back panel, manuals, and brochue for the 322 SD Multi-Room Dual Tuner

Back of the ViP 922 Receiver

Rear panel features and TV connections
  1. HD receiver that allows viewing of subscribed SD programming (channels)
  2. Display resolution and audio quality depends on programming and may vary
  3. Audio quality depends on programming and installation may vary
  4. Additional authorization and/or equipment may be required before HD programming and/or over the air (OTA) can be viewed; additional fees may apply
  5. Requires Caller ID subscription with local phone company. Phone line must be connected to receiver.
  6. Sold separately; activation charges may apply.