ViP 222k HD Multi-Room Dual Tuner DISH Network Receiver

ViP 222k HD Multi-Room Dual Tuner

ViP 222k HD Receiver
1 TV 2 TV HD DVR DISH Remote Access Dolby Digital

The ViP 222k is DISH Network's multi-room HD dual tuner receiver. This is our most popular non-DVR receiver as it efficiently operates two TVs with only one physical box (receiver). Each TV has their own remote control and can be watching separate channels at the same time. The primary TV outputs in both HD and SD while the secondary TV outputs in SD. This receiver is perfect for applications that do not require a DVR in either room but would still like to benefit from a beautiful HD picture, Dolby Digital outputs, DISH's parental controls, and would like to have the option to convert the receiver into a DVR in the future with the purchase of a separate external Hard Drive (HDD)

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Benefits, features, and specifications of the ViP 222k HD Multi-Room Dual Tuner Receiver

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Back of the ViP 922 Receiver

Rear panel features and TV connections
  1. HD receiver that allows viewing of subscribed SD programming (channels)
  2. Display resolution and audio quality depends on programming and may vary
  3. Audio quality depends on programming and installation may vary
  4. Additional authorization and/or equipment may be required before HD programming and/or over the air (OTA) can be viewed; additional fees may apply
  5. Requires Caller ID subscription with local phone company. Phone line must be connected to receiver.
  6. Sold separately; activation charges may apply.