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Why Choose DISH for Sports

Most DISH Network packages include sports programming. However, sometimes the package you’re considering doesn’t include the sports channels that you want. The answer in that case is to select one of the sports add-on packages, or one of the seasonal subscriptions packages.

This page is your guide to DISH Network’s sports offerings. You will see various packages listed out, as well as segmented channel lists designed around different interest categories, like general sports, racing and extreme sports, hunting and outdoor sports, and sports networks.

Watch All of Your Favorite Sports

The thrill of victory – the agony of missing your favorite team’s game. With our great selection of sports packages on DISH, that won’t happen. DISH provides all the sports channels you love. Access popular sports networks on TV, including specialty and international sports. And with DISH Anywhere™, you can watch live events and all your favorite sports programming even when you’re away from home. Let’s play!

Our Sports Packages

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